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Learning Git(Hub) Commands and Features.

Command Reference


git init

...initialises a (local) directory into a git repository.

git clone git@github.com/username/repository.git

will clone a remote repository into the current working directory.

To connect a local repository that wasn't cloned from a remote to its remote counterpart so that you can push to it, we use:

git remote add origin <server>


We can view, create, delete and switch between branches using:

git branch
git checkout -b <branch>
git branch -d <branch>
git checkout <branch>

Committing changes

To check if there have been any changes to files in the staging area since the last commit, we use:

git status

To add changed files to a commit for pushing to the online repository:

git add <filename>
git commit -m "message"

...where "message" is the commit summary message. Can use a * instead of specific filename to add all changed files to a commit. If we know we want to commit all changed files, we can use the -a flag in the commit command, and leave out the add step entirely

To push the commit to the remote server, we run:

git push origin <branch>

...where "branch" is source branch you're pushing to (defaults to master).

Tutorials & Cheatsheets

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