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(ns llkc.example
(:require [clara.rules :refer :all]
[clara.rules.engine :as eng]
[clara.rules.accumulators :as acc]
[ :as viz]
[clojure.pprint :refer :all]
[schema.core :as s]
[clj-time.core :refer [now in-weeks interval date-time]]))
;; Work order.
(s/defrecord WorkOrder
[location :- s/String
date :- org.joda.time.DateTime
priority :- (s/enum :low :medium :high)])
;; Order line item.
(s/defrecord LineItem
[type :- s/Keyword
description :- s/String
price :- s/Number])
;; Indication that approval is required for the order.
(s/defrecord ApprovalRequired
[reason :- (s/enum :restriction :timeline :price)
description :- s/String])
;; Reference data indicating items of a given type are restricted at a given location.
(s/defrecord RestrictedItem
[type :- s/String
location :- s/String])
;; Indication of a validation error.
(s/defrecord ValidationError
[reason :- s/String])
(defrule no-items
"Valid orders must have at least one line item."
[:not [LineItem]]
(insert! (->ValidationError "No line items in order.")))
(defn weeks-until
"Returns the weeks between the current and given date."
(in-weeks (interval (now) date)))
;; Example rules.
(defrule date-too-early
"We can't schedule something too early."
[WorkOrder (< (weeks-until date) 2)]
(insert! (->ApprovalRequired :timeline "Date is too early")))
(defrule budget-limit
"There is a limit on the budget."
[?total <- (acc/sum :price) :from [LineItem]]
[:test (> ?total 1000)]
(insert! (->ApprovalRequired :price "It's pricey!")))
(defrule restricted-items
[WorkOrder (= ?location location)]
[LineItem (= ?type type)]
[RestrictedItem (= ?location location) (= ?type type)]
(insert! (->ApprovalRequired :restriction
(str ?type " is restricted at " ?location))))
(defquery needs-approval
"Returns all approval requirements."
[?approval <- ApprovalRequired])
(defquery validation-errors
"Returns all validation errors."
[?error <- ValidationError])
;; Example usage.
(def session
(-> (mk-session 'llkc.example :cache false)
(insert (->WorkOrder "KC" (date-time 2014 1 25) :high)
(->LineItem :fan "Fan is broken." 600)
(->LineItem :control-board "Control board is damaged" 500))
;; Query session for validation errors
(pprint (query session validation-errors))
;; Query session for approvals
(pprint (query session needs-approval))
;; Rules are data.
(pprint date-too-early)
(pprint budget-limit)
;; The network is data
(pprint (eng/to-beta-tree (eng/load-rules 'llkc.example)))
;; Show the network.
(viz/show-network! 'llkc.example)
;; Show the logic.
(viz/show-logic! 'llkc.example)
;; Select a subset of logic we're interested in!
#(viz/inserts? % ValidationError)
(viz/get-productions ['llkc.example])))
;; Let's see what inserts or uses the approval required fact.
;; List comprehensions are great for finding interesting data.
(-> (for [production (viz/get-productions ['llkc.example])
:when (or (viz/inserts? production ApprovalRequired)
(viz/uses? production ApprovalRequired))]
;; Rules can be created from a data structure. Constraints stored
;; in external files or databases and read into the structure.
(-> [{:lhs [{:type llkc.example.WorkOrder
:constraints '[(= ?location location)
(= :high priority)]}]
:rhs '(println (str "High priority order for " ?location "!"))}]
(insert (->WorkOrder "KC" (date-time 2014 1 25) :high))
;; Immutable working memory.
(def s1
(-> (mk-session 'llkc.example)
(insert (->WorkOrder "KC" (date-time 2014 03 25) :high)
(->LineItem :fan "Fan is broken." 600))
;; Query for approvals
(println (query s1 needs-approval))
;; Create a new sesion in s2.
(def s2
(-> s1
(insert (->LineItem :control-board "Control board is damaged" 500))
;; Query for approvals
(println (query s2 needs-approval))
;; Notice that s1 is unmodified! Allows for speculative processing and rollback.
(println (query s1 needs-approval))
;; We can take advantage of immutable working memory in other ways.
;; For example, we can load reference data from an external source.
(def ref-data [(->RestrictedItem "Kryptonite" "FortressOfSolitude")
(->RestrictedItem "PhotonTorpedo" "DeathStar")
;; Create an immutable session with our reference data, and simply reuse it.
(def ref-session (insert-all (mk-session 'llkc.example :cache false) ref-data))
;; We can now reuse it rather than creating and loading a new session every time!
(-> ref-session
(insert (->WorkOrder "FortressOfSolitude" (date-time 2015 1 1) :high)
(->LineItem "Kryptonite" "Surprise gift!" 0))
(query needs-approval)))
;; And the ref session itself is unmodified and can be used by others.
(pprint (query ref-session needs-approval)))