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The Argyle Graph App
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Argyle Admin App (AAA)

Welcome to the Argyle Admin App! This application is based on a series of samples projects and open source components to create an admin tool for Microsoft Teams. This is 100% hosted and available in GitHub. Feel free to contribute.

Getting Started

Using the app requires a few things to be setup.

  1. Configure an Azure Application. Go to the Azure Portal, Azure Active Directory, App Registrations and choose New Registration. alt text
  2. Enter a Name, choose "accounts in this organization only" and enter as the return URL. alt text
  3. Once created, go to API Permissions and assign the permissions as needed.
  • ChannelMessage.Read.All (Application)
  • Group.Read.All (Application)
  • Group.Read.All (Delegated)
  • User.Read (Delegated) alt text
  1. On the Overview page, note your Client ID and Tenant ID. alt text
  2. Go to the Authentication and Advanced Settings and enable ID Tokens and Access Tokens is enabled alt text
  3. Go to the Certificates and Secrets page. Create a new client secret and note it. You are only showed your Client Secret once. So make sure to not lose it or just create another one. alt text

Once you have this data and have your app setup. Head over to and enter your Client, Tenant and Secret ID. You should always protect your information. Feel free to look at the source code. Nothing you enter is stored beyond a local cookie which will be cleared after you close the browser.

Another Option

Want to run on your own server?

  1. Go to github and Clone/Download the application.
  2. Install Node
  3. Go to the folder you just cloned/downloaded.
  4. Configure your server.
  • npm install express
  • npm install morgan
  • node server.js

The server will run on the port defined, http://localhost:30662. Important, make sure to update your Return URL to include this URL.

Useful Links

  1. Getting Started
  2. Code Samples

The License

Licensed under the MIT License (the "License");

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