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TODO for driftnet
$Id: TODO,v 1.12 2003/08/12 14:13:14 chris Exp $
* PNG files.
* More intelligent layout algorithm for images.
* Memory leaks? Buffer overruns? Static-sized buffers.
* Parse JPEG files properly -- the lame memstr(..., "\xff\xd9") thing is
broken and should be done right. At the moment, some JPEG files get
truncated in a really bad way. An alternative is to store more state for
JPEG files, and do special parsing when we know a connection has closed.
* Problem with some greyscale JPEG files.
* More portability / bug fixes.
* Web-based version. Server push? Feedback problems.
* `Bogus image' problem after running for a while?
* Safe(r) setuid operation.
* Drop privileges after starting up pcap.
* PID file?
* Delay between reading packets from dump file?