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Commits on Apr 8, 2011
  1. @an0maly

    Retroactively op users when op priv received

    an0maly authored
    When the bot receives op privs, it will check who is online in the channel that
    doesn't have op privs which it would normally provide and does so.   THus, one
    needs only to op the bot and everyone else will automatically get ops as
    When two bots are in a channel (providing each other backup),  it attempts to
    smartly remove the nick the other bot op'd so as not to repeat it.
  2. @an0maly
  3. @an0maly

    Added inline debug print routine

    an0maly authored
    _print_debug was great for the default routines, but there wasn't a suitable
    routine for defined states.  Added one.
  4. @an0maly

    Only give +op when one has op privileges

    an0maly authored
    Added a channel state so that it doesn't tick off the server attempting to give
    op privileges, when it doesn't yet have them.   However, once it has been give
    op privileges, then it will start doing so.
    Similarly, if the bot has been deop'd (-o), it will stop attempting to give out
Commits on Apr 6, 2011
  1. @an0maly

    Add ability to register/identify the nick

    an0maly authored
    Add 'password <password>' to the server section of the configuration
    No attempt to encrypt the password as it is passed somewhat plain text across
    the pipe anyway
    This does a very basic job looking for the server to say that the nick is
    registered and that you need to identify yourself.  When it receives that
    message, it sends the expected /msg NickServ identify <password> message.
    This is to support FreeNode.
  2. @an0maly

    Add ability to configure the username/ident

    an0maly authored
    Add 'username <username>' to the Server configuration
    If it doesn't exists, old method applies
    If it does exist, it will log in and display as user defined
  3. @an0maly

    Update global cache instead of a local copy

    an0maly authored
    Rather than waste the cache everytime the configuration is read, update the
    global copy so that other states can use it
Commits on Mar 19, 2010
  1. oops, wrong conf name

  2. git ignore local-lib dirs

  3. tweak config again

  4. initial commit

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