Tool to convert C99 code to MSVC-compatible C89
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rbultje Add an assertion if particular indices in an array/struct are duplica…

Fix struct/array index lookup if the previous entry used a designated
initializer, but this particular entry didn't. In that case, our index
is the previous member's index + 1, but we used to use the counter as
index, which is wrong.

Also fix the unit test, which contained code triggering both problems,
which ended up going in an infinite loop.
Latest commit 47826cc Dec 19, 2012


Tool to convert C99 code to MSVC-compatible C89


c99-to-c89 is based on LibClang, any clang version from 3.1 is known to work.


c99conv converts preprocessed C sources, the provided c99wrap uses the C preprocessor, converts its output and feeds it to the C compiler.

c99wrap $CC $CFLAGS source