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This file shows how to install Xiki. For a description of Xiki see:


Install Xiki

Either install as a gem, or install from github.

As a gem

  $ sudo gem install xiki

Or, from github

  $ git clone git://github.com/trogdoro/xiki.git
  $ cd xiki
  $ sudo gem install bundler
  $ sudo bundle install --system
  $ sudo ruby etc/command/copy_xiki_command_to.rb /usr/local/bin/xiki

You don't need "sudo" at the beginning if you're using rvm and your /usr/local/bin/ dir is writable.

Verify the 'xiki' shell command works

  $ xiki

It should delay slightly the first time, but be fast subsequent times. If you run into errors and then fix them, you'll want to run the "xiki restart" command.

Configure your editor to use Xiki


Emacs is the most supported editor. Don't worry though, you don't have to know emacs to use it with Xiki.

Step 1: Download Emacs

On Mac:

On Linux:

  $ sudo apt-get install emacs

On Windows:

We just patched el4r, so there's a chance Xiki might work in windows.

Step 2: EmacsRuby (el4r) setup

  $ cd `xiki directory`
  $ sudo bash etc/install/el4r_setup.sh

If you're using rvm, the sudo may not be necessary.

Step 3: Require Xiki in EmacsRuby's config

Add these lines to the end of ~/.el4r/init.rb and then restart emacs if you already had it open.

$LOAD_PATH.unshift "(xiki directory)/lib"   # <- substitute (xiki directory) with the output of "xiki directory"
require 'xiki'

KeyBindings.keys   # Use default key bindings
Themes.use "Default"  # Use xiki theme

If you get an error

If you got partially through the load...

  • Try running "xiki stop"
  • Try using rvm and ruby 1.9.3
    • Run "rvm use --default 1.9.3"
  • You may be able to use these keys to trouble-shoot:
    • Option+e to look at the latest error in the log
    • Option+l to reload xiki and .emacs
      • also use this when you see "el4r-instance is dead"
  • If you can't use the keys, look at the log
    • Named something like: /tmp/el4r......log
    • Go to the end and search backward for the last error
      • probably contains ":Error:"
    • Restart emacs (or reload .emacs) manually to reload
  • See "Issues Loading Xiki" buffer (under "Window" menu bar menu)
  • If your install via github,
    • "bundle install" may have installed a duplicate "xiki" command
      • if "which xiki" returns a file not in /usr/local/bin/, delete it


Vim support is very partially implemented, but should be pretty straight-forward to implement. It turns out vim is very easy to extend using ruby. See this file to try it out:

(xiki directory)/etc/vim/vim_status.notes


There's a simple prototype working, though it's not committed yet.

Other editors

Are you in the bay area and savvy at extending your editor (vim, sublime, textmate, rubymine)? Ping me on the google group and we'll get together and pair on making a Xiki extension for it.

Google group

Join the google group for help with installing, or to chat about whatever or share your ideas: