Modular Nano backend platform
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Nanio provides a modular backend platform on top of Nano, its core is currently comprised of the Nanio RPC gateway and API browser.

Why use it?

Depends. If you're just after an internet connected Nano network RPC relay, or the API browser--but don't want to set up your own server--then my publicly available Nanio server, connected to the Nano Live network might suit your needs.

If you want to build a Nano application--be it a light wallet or something else, and you're familiar with Python and async programming--then Nanio might speed up the process of doing so by providing a lightweight, high-performance and scalable backend platform that comes with an easy to use API.

If you want to set up your own vanilla Nanio stack, then use Docker. Check out the /examples directory for compose files.


  • Lightweight (Uses non-blocking IO in multiprocessing mode, no threading)
  • Performant (>30k RPS when benchmarking on low-end hardware)
  • Pluggable (Easily build your own extensions)
  • Scalable (Spin up new instances using pre-made Docker images)
  • Customizable (Well structured and extensive configuration, with working set of defaults)
  • Secure (Requests relayed to the Node RPC server are carefully sanity checked)


  • Data layer
  • OAuth
  • WebSocket support
  • Monitoring component


Python>=3.6, Linux.


If you think there's something missing or broken, please create a PR or send me an email.


Robert Wikman