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Simple, fast and secure REPL-type Nano CLI wallet
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           100% OSS, BSD-2

Nawano provides a simple, fast and secure way of managing your Nano funds locally—without doing any syncing, and without having to trust a wallet provider on the World Wide Web.

Seeds are encrypted with AES-256 and never leaves your computer.

Node communication is done over RPC; locally or using a remote backend (such as Canoe).

Want to know more about Nano?

Want some free Nano to get started?


Shows some common wallet operations.



Available pip/install environment variables:

  • USE_GPU=1|0
    • Linux: Install OpenCL libs and set to 1 to use the GPU for work generation
    • OSX: Should work directly with OS-default OpenCL libs, simply pass USE_GPU=1 to pip3.
  • LINK_OMP=1|0
    • Linux: Not used
    • OSX: Linking of libomp. Set to 0 to use gcc with builtin GOMP
  • CC=<path>
    • ALL: Custom C compiler, instead of letting Nawano choose one for you

Linux (Ubuntu)

$ sudo apt-get install libb2-dev python3
$ sudo pip3 install nawano --upgrade
$ nawano


$ brew install gcc libb2 libomp python3
$ sudo LINK_OMP=1 pip3 install nawano --upgrade
$ nawano


Nawano can be installed in Microsoft Windows using WSL.

  1. Enable WSL:
  2. Using Microsoft Store, install Ubuntu Linux and start it.
  3. Follow the Ubuntu Linux install instruction above.

You may now close the terminal window and simply run wsl nawano to start the application.

Project status

While Nawano does work, it's currently under heavy development and should probably be considered unstable as it lacks tests and extensive real-world use.

Quality improvements

  • API documentation
  • Usage documentation (Wiki)
  • Unit tests & TravisCI


  • Transaction history
  • Application logging

Install guides

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows

Future plans

  1. Address-sharing mechanism
  2. Ledger integration
  3. Yubikey integration
  4. Official Debian package


Please bare in mind that—just as the official Nano software—Nawano uses the BSD 2-Clause License (i.e. no liability for loss of funds).


Robert Wikman <>

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