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Realm Factory

Welcome to the Realm Factory project!

Initial development on this project happened primarily back in about 2010 to 2013, and because it has been sitting around collecting dust for a while, I've decided it is reasonable to just open source it. It's something I've been considering since even Day 1, but wasn't sure of.

I (@rbwhitaker) don't have a lot of expectations of many people doing much of anything with this. I'm just putting it out as an option for people.

As things currently stand, this project only works for XNA, which has been "retired" technology since early 2013. Without some serious changes, it probably won't do a lot of good to most people.

I figure there are the following big items that could, with only a moderate effort, revitalize this project:

  • Making it work with MonoGame instead of (or in addition to) XNA.
  • Maybe convert the UI to something else, like WPF.
  • Make it work with Visual Studio 2019.

Compiling the Code

Today, to compile Realm Factory, you need an old version of Visual Studio.

Specifically, the last time I got this to compile while open sourcing it, I did the following:


I'm happy to have people try to help me take this further. I'd prefer people doing things to push forward on one or all of the three main bullet points above for "modernizing" Realm Factory. However, I also realize that those are big, hard, scary problems that a person might not want to tackle immediately. To that end, I'd be happy to help guide development aimed at addressing any of the other issues listed in the repository as well. If you've got another thing besides those that you'd like to work on, feel free to contact me or add an issue to the project and we can go down that path as well.


The repository for Realm Factory, a lightweight level editor for XNA.








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