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#!/usr/bin/env python
# 12.01.2007, c
Solve partial differential equations given in a SfePy problem definition file.
Example problem definition files can be found in ``examples/`` directory of the
SfePy top-level directory. This script works with all the examples except those
in ``examples/standalone/``.
Both normal and parametric study runs are supported. A parametric study allows
repeated runs for varying some of the simulation parameters - see
``examples/diffusion/`` file.
from optparse import OptionParser
import sfepy
from sfepy.base.base import output, get_default_attr
from sfepy.base.conf import ProblemConf, get_standard_keywords
from sfepy.applications import PDESolverApp
def print_terms():
import sfepy.terms as t
tt = t.term_table
print 'Terms: %d available:' % len(tt)
print sorted(tt.keys())
usage = """%prog [options] filename_in\n""" + __doc__.rstrip()
help = {
'conf' :
'override problem description file items, written as python'
' dictionary without surrounding braces',
'options' : 'override options item of problem description,'
' written as python dictionary without surrounding braces',
'define' : 'pass given arguments written as python dictionary'
' without surrounding braces to define() function of problem description'
' file',
'filename' :
'basename of output file(s) [default: <basename of input file>]',
'output_format' :
'output file format, one of: {vtk, h5} [default: vtk]',
'log' :
'log all messages to specified file (existing file will be overwritten!)',
'quiet' :
'do not print any messages to screen',
'save_ebc' :
'save a zero solution with applied EBCs (Dirichlet boundary conditions)',
'save_ebc_nodes' :
'save a zero solution with added non-zeros in EBC (Dirichlet boundary'
' conditions) nodes - scalar variables are shown using colors,'
' vector variables using arrows with non-zero components corresponding'
' to constrained components',
'save_regions' :
'save problem regions as meshes',
'save_regions_as_groups' :
'save problem regions in a single mesh but mark them by using different'
' element/node group numbers',
'save_field_meshes' :
'save meshes of problem fields (with extra DOF nodes)',
'solve_not' :
'do not solve (use in connection with --save-*)',
'list' :
'list data, what can be one of: {terms}',
def main():
parser = OptionParser(usage=usage, version='%prog ' + sfepy.__version__)
parser.add_option('-c', '--conf', metavar='"key : value, ..."',
action='store', dest='conf', type='string',
default=None, help= help['conf'])
parser.add_option('-O', '--options', metavar='"key : value, ..."',
action='store', dest='app_options', type='string',
default=None, help=help['options'])
parser.add_option('-d', '--define', metavar='"key : value, ..."',
action='store', dest='define_args', type='string',
default=None, help=help['define'])
parser.add_option('-o', '', metavar='filename',
action='store', dest='output_filename_trunk',
default=None, help=help['filename'])
parser.add_option('', '--format', metavar='format',
action='store', dest='output_format',
default=None, help=help['output_format'])
parser.add_option('', '--log', metavar='file',
action='store', dest='log',
default=None, help=help['log'])
parser.add_option('-q', '--quiet',
action='store_true', dest='quiet',
default=False, help=help['quiet'])
parser.add_option('', '--save-ebc',
action='store_true', dest='save_ebc',
default=False, help=help['save_ebc'])
parser.add_option('', '--save-ebc-nodes',
action='store_true', dest='save_ebc_nodes',
default=False, help=help['save_ebc_nodes'])
parser.add_option('', '--save-regions',
action='store_true', dest='save_regions',
default=False, help=help['save_regions'])
parser.add_option('', '--save-regions-as-groups',
action='store_true', dest='save_regions_as_groups',
default=False, help=help['save_regions_as_groups'])
parser.add_option('', '--save-field-meshes',
action='store_true', dest='save_field_meshes',
default=False, help=help['save_field_meshes'])
parser.add_option('', '--solve-not',
action='store_true', dest='solve_not',
default=False, help=help['solve_not'])
parser.add_option('', '--list', metavar='what',
action='store', dest='_list',
default=None, help=help['list'])
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if (len(args) == 1):
filename_in = args[0];
if options._list == 'terms':
combined=options.log is not None)
required, other = get_standard_keywords()
if options.solve_not:
conf = ProblemConf.from_file_and_options(filename_in, options,
required, other,
opts = conf.options
output_prefix = get_default_attr(opts, 'output_prefix', 'sfepy:')
app = PDESolverApp(conf, options, output_prefix)
if hasattr(opts, 'parametric_hook'): # Parametric study.
parametric_hook = conf.get_function(opts.parametric_hook)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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