Command line static file server with fast live reloading, jade compiling, less compiling, directory listing.
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Version 4.2.0

Lean express.js project for static website prototyping with jade & less/sass compiling, fast live reloading, directory listing etc.

Server any folder direct from the command line with just:

$ servant

Alternatively use as a minimal express.js server project for static websites with support for just-in-time less and jade file compiling.


  • Very fast live reloading with ws and gaze
  • Compiles matching .less or .scss files for any .css requests
  • Compiles matching .jade files for any .html requests*
  • Optional .jade layout file in root
  • Directory listing

* Requests for '/' will also look for a index.jade file to compile.

Command line options

-w, --watch  Enable live reload
-p, --port
--watch-pattern  Pattern for watching foles

Watch pattern examples

  • watch everything (default) servant -w '/**/*'
  • watch all folders starting with a number (i.e. 0) servant -w --watch-pattern '/[0-9]*/**/*'

Command line tool usage:

Install globally:

$ npm install -g servant

From any folder:

$ servant

Using as boilerplate app:

$ git clone
$ cd Servant
$ rm -rf .git
$ node app.js


With environment variables

WATCH=1 PORT=3001 node app.js