Google authenticator with SSH key-based verification.
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Google Authenticator

This is a fork of the Google Authenticator project, which includes two-factor verification for SSH key-based logins via command defined in the authorized_keys file.

Getting Started

Clone the repository and run sudo make install-ssh-key-verify. This will build and install the necessary programs into /usr/local/bin/.

Once installed, run google-authenticator to generate the secrets file. You will need to install Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

Finally, prepend the following to any key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys that you would like to protect:


This will cache the verification per IP address for 9 hours, meaning once you have successfully entered a secret, you will not have to from that location for another 9 hours.


Make sure your system clock is in sync with the planet. It's best to run NTP or at the very least run ntpdate periodically to make sure your system's clock doesn't drift too far off reality.

Next, before logging out of your system, connect from another shell and verify you are able to login using the secret.