Get temperature and humidity readings for Lascar USB thermometers under Linux
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Program to use EL-USB-RT USB thermometer under Linux

This is a small program to retrieve temperature and humidity from EL-USB-RT from vendor Lascar LTD. It is derived from Ángel Sancho's lascar-usb-termometer.

This program uses libhid to communicate with the device. It can be downloaded from the Alioth Debian website.


  • Download libhid and compile or apt-get if you use debian-like systems. You must also have libusb-dev installed.
  • Clone the github repo
  • Compile by running make


Running usb_termometer will return a single temperature and humidity reading from the device. Additional readings can be attained by tweaking the --count option. For example, --count=10 will return 10 readings and then exit. Setting --count=0 will collect data indefinitely.

By default the temperature is returned in Celcius. Using the --farenheit flag will return the temperature in Farenheit.

Help can be printed to the screen using the --help flag:

Usage: usb_termometer [OPTION...]
Collect temperature and humidity readings

  -c, --count=count          The number of readings to take; default 1, if 0 go
  -d, --debug                Enable debugging
  -f, --farenheit            Get temperature in farenheit; default celcius
  -?, --help                 Give this help list
      --usage                Give a short usage message