React Front End for Brewpub - an app that recommends a beer for a book
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Brewpub is an application where users can see curated pairings of beer and books. Users can rate pairings and seee featured pairings.


Table of Contents

## Demo
* Create a dummy account to browse the app
* Or use email: / password: test

## Features

* Custom predictive search bar to query for beers or books
* Rate beers and book pairings
* View previously rated pairings
* Authentication using JSON web tokens and bcrypt
* Client-side routing with react router
* State management with redux
* Responsive mobile-first Flexbox Layout

## External
> Libraries and APIs used within the application
* [React](
* [React Router](
* [Redux](
* [Node](
* [JSON Web Token (JWT)](
* [Express](
* [Bcrypt](

## Todos/ in progress
* Search for pairings via books, beers, and users
* Add following user feature
* Add intelligence to pairing recommendations
* Users can see what they have rated versus what they have not
* User can change email, password, and image
* Populate DB with additional content
* UI Animations