The Ruby bindings for cairo.
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Ruby bindings for cairo // cairo extension for Ruby


  • ruby >= 1.9.3 (2.2 also supported!)

  • cairo >= 1.2.0 (1.12.0 also supported!)



This way is recommended.

# gem install cairo

Self build

For experimental users.

Download rcairo-X.Y.Z.tar.gz from


% tar xvzf rcairo-X.Y.Z.tar.gz


% cd rcairo-X.Y.Z
% ruby extconf.rb    # to check for dependencies and create Makefiles
% make               # to compile

# make install       # to install the cairo extension.
                     # The samples in the samples folder should be able
                     # to run before installation except text-on-path.rb
                     # and text2.rb. They uses Ruby/Pango with rcairo
                     # support. So you need to install rcairo and build
                     # Ruby/Pango with it before you run them.

Options to extconf.rb:

* --without-vendor-override: Use system libraries instead of those found in
                             vendor/local for compiling


cairo-X.Y.Z-x86-mingw32.gem includes cairo related binaries.

  • cairo related binaries:










There is the rcairo repository at GitHub:

Mailing list

If you have trouble with cairo or rcairo, or you have some ideas for how it could be improved, please feel free to send a message to the cairo mailinglist at , which is archived at


  • Yoshinao Muramatsu: win32 surface support patch.

  • NANKI Haruo: some bug fix patches.

  • Paul van Tilburg:

    • some patches that support ruby 1.9.

    • some suggestions.

  • Binzo: some bug reports and fixed that.

  • kimura wataru:

    • some advices for RubyCocoa.

    • reports a bug.

  • OBATA Akio:

    • reports a bug.

    • some suggestions.

  • James Healy: reports bugs.

  • Carsten Bormann: A suggestion.

  • Davide Rambaldi: A suggestion.

  • Yusuke ENDOH: reports a bug.

  • Yuta Taniguchi: a bug fix patch.

  • kimura wataru:

    • reports a bug.

    • some patches.

  • Masayas TARUI:

    • Windows support.

  • Stefan Salewski: reports a bug.

  • Mamoru Tasaka: reports bugs.

  • Nikolai Weibull: reports problems.

  • Will Bryant: reports a bug.

  • Vasily Fedoseyev: fixes a bug.

  • Eric C.: reports a bug.

  • Cédric Boutillier: reports a bug.

  • tmtms: reports a bug.