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Sublime Text DNS query plugin
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A Sublime Text plugin for doing inline DNS lookups.


Package Control

Install Package Control. DNS Lookups will show up in the package list. This is the recommended installation method.

Manual installation

Go to the "Packages" directory (Preferences / Browse Packages…). Then clone this repository:

git clone git://


To use select a IP or a hostname. Activate the plugin by the key bindings or the command pallet. Command pallet commands are prefixed with dns.

In order to do multiple at once make sure you split your selection into lines first.

Default key bindings:

OSX: cmd+r, cmd+i (name to IP) cmd+r, cmd+i (IP to name)

Win/Linux: ctrl+r, ctrl+i (name to IP) ctrl+r, ctrl+i (IP to name)



Authors: Roger Caldwell

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