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# cartoon_network

This is a simple and fun neural network simulator.  It lets students of nearly any age playfully explore how small sets of neurons can produce complex and interesting behaviors.  Also, the simulator can be connected to a Finch robots.  Requires Java to be installed.  

To get started: 
* For PC:
** Download cartoon_network.jar from the files posted here to github
* For Os X: 
** Download and then unzip the files)
** Then unzip.  You will see cartoon_network.jar among the unzipped files.
* Double-click the jar file to open it (your computer will need an up-to-date version of Java installed).
* Click 'a' to enter add mode, then click around the screen to add more neurons.
* Click 'x' to enter excite mode, then click a neuron to excite it
* Click the top-left corner to bring down a menu of all modes, and explore
* Download the handout which provides instructions and a set of guided challenges for students to explore.

Some resources:
* Check out this video on YouTube:
* There is also a powerpoint file here on github that walks you through the basics

Want to connect to a FINCH robot? 
* The robots are available here:

Want to modify Cartoon Network?
* The source code is written in Java within the Greenfoot framework
* Learn more about Greenfoot here: 


Simulation for exploring simple neuron networks. It's fun. Java-based via Greenfoot. Can be the brains for a Finch robot.



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