Spring Roo Timestamp Add-on
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Spring Roo Timestamp Add-on

This Spring Roo timestamp add-on allows you to easily add timestamp fields for 'created' and 'updated' to your JPA entities. It provides an @RooTimestamp annotation.

Quick start to using the timestamp add-on

Download the latest snapshot located in downloads here com.rcaloras.roo.addon.timestamp-0.1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar Or you can grab releases from the Maven Repo

From a Roo shell:

osgi start --url file://$PATH_TO_DOWNLOAD/com.rcaloras.roo.addon.timestamp-0.1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar
timestamp setup
timestamp all

Annotate your entities with @RooTimestamp

public class Location  {
	String name;

	String address;

	String city;


ITDs are then created for each entity marked

privileged aspect Location_Roo_Timestamp {
    @DateTimeFormat(style = "M-")
    private Date Location.created;
    @DateTimeFormat(style = "M-")
    private Date Location.updated;
    public void Location.onCreate() {
        this.created=new java.util.Date();
    public void Location.onUpdate() {
        this.updated=new java.util.Date();

    //Also adds Mutators and Accessors for created and updated
    public Date Location.getCreated() {
        return this.created;
    public void Location.setCreated(Date created) {
        this.created = created;


Timestamp Add-on Commands

(Displayed with help timestamp from a Roo shell)

* timestamp add - Adds @RooTimestamp to target type
* timestamp all - Adds @RooTimestamp to all types annotated with @RooJavaBean
* timestamp remove - Remove all dependencies and removes all annotations of @RooTimestamp
* timestamp setup - Setup Timestamp addon

Any issues or questions are more than welcome. More documentaion to come.