@rcapell rcapell released this Jun 12, 2016 · 109 commits to master since this release

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  • new package dependency 'data.table'
  • much-improved import of large files, thanks to fread() from package data.table
    • ReadPTQobs(), ReadXobs(), ReadGeoData() updated
    • option to import as data.table object to make use of the speedier data handling for that class
  • new S3 classes HypeMultiVar and HypeXobs, improvements to HypeSingleVar
  • attribute preservation when sub-setting
  • PBIAS(), Pearson's R (r()), and summary() methods for HypeSingleVar
  • new map plot function PlotMapPoints(), mostly for quickly plotting performance measures at measurement points on a map
  • new import function for text files with HYPE land use, soil, and crop class descriptions, for easier label plotting: ReadDescription() (the imported file is not a HYPE file, file structure described in ReadDescription help entry)
  • new import function for optpar.txt files, imports optpar contents into a list structure which makes it easier to create and update optpar files
  • new trivial import/export functions for HYPE files: ReadAllsim(), ReadDamData(), ReadGlacierData(), ReadSubass(), WriteCropData(), WriteDamData(), WriteMgmtData(), WritePointSourceData()
  • numerous bug fixes since last release