Install and update HYPEtools from github

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Updating to newer versions involves the same steps as installing. Make sure to first unload installed versions of HYPEtools in running instances of R; the easiest way to do this is to close and restart R.


HYPEtools currently depends on one package ('hydroGOF') and imports three more ('sp', 'pbapply', 'data.table'). Install them from CRAN before installing HYPEtools if you do not already have them:

install.packages(pkgs = "sp")
install.packages(pkgs = "pbapply")
install.packages(pkgs = "hydroGOF")
install.packages(pkgs = "data.table")

Option 1: From package file

This option is recommended for standard users.

For the package installation, simply download the latest release from the HYPEtools repo: Releases, and download either the binary release (zip file, Windows) or source release (tar.gz file, Linux). Install on your machine with R command:

install.packages(pkgs = "/path/to/your/downloaded/file", repos = NULL)

Alternatively use the local package installation routine of your R GUI.

Use the same command for updating. There should be no problems, but to be safe you can remove previously installed versions before installing the new one by running this command:


Always unload HYPEtools before updating. Close all running R processes and start a new instance to be safe.

Option 2: From source

Option 2 provides quick access to the latest development stage of the package using the 'devtools' package. Typically, you would use this only if you agreed with me to test some new functionality.

This option requires Rtools to be installed under Windows (see the R homepage for details on how to do that). Under Linux, this works with an existing R installation out of the box. Under MacOS, only the second option has been tested and works if a gfortran-4.8 compiler is installed, these two commands have been tested to get and install a working gfortran version on MacOS (from a stackoverflow answer):

curl -O
sudo tar fvxz gfortran-4.8.2-darwin13.tar.bz2 -C /

The local installation of the source involves two steps.

Step 1:

The R package devtools provides an installation routine for source packages from github. Install (if it is not installed on your machine yet) and load the package library with R command

install.packages(pkgs = "devtools")


Step 2:

Use devtools to download and install HYPEtools from github directly.

install_github("rcapell/HYPEtools@master") Tested under Linux, no account with Github needed.

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