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* atomq.h
* Created on: Jul 12, 2012
* Author: Tyler
#ifndef ATOMQ_H_
#define ATOMQ_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
struct atomq;
typedef void (atomq_cb)(volatile struct atomq *);
struct atomq {
uint8_t numSlots;
uint8_t slotSize;
bool dirty;
uint8_t headOffset;
uint8_t tailOffset;
atomq_cb *cbDidEnqueue;
void *cbData;
unsigned char storage[];
void atomq_init(void);
volatile struct atomq * atomq_alloc(uint8_t numSlots, uint8_t slotSize);
bool atomq_enqueue(volatile struct atomq *queue, bool shouldBlock, void *src);
bool atomq_dequeue(volatile struct atomq *queue, bool shouldBlock, void *dest);
uint8_t atomq_slots_consumed(volatile struct atomq *queue);
uint8_t atomq_slots_available(volatile struct atomq *queue);
bool atomq_peek(volatile struct atomq *queue, bool shouldBlock, void *dest);
void atomq_reset(volatile struct atomq *queue);
#endif /* ATOMQ_H_ */
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