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* ioport.h
* Created on: Jul 12, 2012
* Author: Tyler
#ifndef IOPORT_H_
#define IOPORT_H_
#include <avr/io.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
enum ioport_direction { ioport_directionIn = 0, ioport_directionOut = 1 };
void ioport_init();
#define ioport_set_direction(port, pin, direction) ioport_set_direction_f(&port, pin, direction)
void ioport_set_direction_f(volatile uint8_t *port, uint8_t pin, enum ioport_direction direction);
#define ioport_get_direction(port, pin) ioport_get_direction_f(&port, pin)
enum ioport_direction ioport_get_direction_f(volatile uint8_t *port, uint8_t pin);
#define ioport_set_pin(port, pin, value) ioport_set_pin_f(&port, pin, value)
void ioport_set_pin_f(volatile uint8_t *port, uint8_t pin, bool value);
#define ioport_get_pin(port, pin) ioport_get_pin_f(&port, pin);
bool ioport_get_pin_f(volatile uint8_t *port, uint8_t pin);
#endif /* IOPORT_H_ */
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