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# Sample configuration file for
# Copy it to ./proxy.conf before editing.
# Each section supports three other directives: block_host
# block_machine and block_pq.
# block_host directives can be used to block proxying or reporting by
# an URI's host name. They are matched like /\Q$host$/, which means
# they may be used to block entire domains. For example, blocking
# will also block out all the machines at that domain.
# Because domains are passed through quotemeta(), you must not escape
# periods.
# block_machine is like block_host, except they are matched like
# /^host/, so you could block and at
# the same time
# block_pq directives contain regular expressions that are matched
# against the path+query fields of each URI. You must escape periods
# and other regular expression metacharacters in block_pq values.
# The proxy section supports a cache_dir directive. Point it at a
# created directory, and the proxy will cache everything there.
# Caching is currently incomplete; it does not honor HTTP cache
# control directives properly, so the best you can do is shift+reload
# to refetch a cached page. It doesn't even expire old cached items.
# I currently recommend avoiding the feature except for occasionally
# going "woah, hey, cool".
# The proxy section also supports a noproxy_host directive for things
# you do want to visit, but don't like being processed through the
# proxy. you can use this for things the proxy doesn't know how to
# handle, like hosts the proxy can't resolve. These are being used in
# the proxy autoconfiguration script, which is available from
# http://<proxyhost>:<ListenPort>/conf.pac (currently it assumes
# proxyhost is localhost
name proxy-section
ListenPort 8088
noproxy_host localhost
block_pq /ads?/