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# -*- mode: text; tab-stop-list: (2 4 6 8 10); indent-tabs-mode: t -*-
This is a list of things that people have recognized as possible fun
features or fixes. It is not a guarantee of future changes; it's more
like notes kept so nobody forgets.
If you would like to see something not on this list, or you want to
contribute a patch to complete one of the to-do items, please contact
the author. You can reach him as:
"Rocco Caputo" <>.
Make a real manpage.
Make it a real daemon, with logging and some junk.
Allow mortals to load the next puzzle when the current one is through.
It still would require at least one puzzle being loaded by the admin
at the start.
Web interface to the admin things.
Web interface to the game itself.
When listing clues, only show unsolved crossing solutions.
Admin feature: Retire a puzzle, and load another by name. Admin
feature: Retire current puzzle, and load the next.
(How should puzzles be retired? I'm moving them to ./done by hand.)
Saved state between runs.
(This would be beautiful. It means replacing the numeric constants
and list references with hashrefs and strings, so that they may be
saved by name and reloaded without worrying about changing order.
The different types of gameplay in d.'s suggestion [different rooms,
below] makes this more interesting that I'd like to address at the
Dict client.
Anagram client.
Allow partial answers.
How small should a partial answer be? At what point does it stop
being a partial answer and it start to be a "gimmee"? And how to
balance gameplay among users who do and don't want clues?
Allow wrong answers.
Some people think the puzzles are too easy when only correct answers
will go into the grid.
Different rooms: people being able to do their own copy of a puzzle in
peace or doing the hivemind thing. or even races against competing
(Fun things! The directory/load features should go a long way
towards supporting this, and the crosswords themselves are discrete
objects. I would have to maintain a "room" state per user, and
break up the chatter function into channels or rooms. It's all
doable, but a little tedious.)
One at a time. Everyone works on the same clue, and then the clue
advances when everyone has answered or given up.
Per-user scores.
(I worry that scores and statistics may turn the game into more of a
competition than fun would tolerate.)
Instead of scores or "points", have a percentage of grid solved, per
person. Quiet so people who don't care don't need to worry.
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