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Pastebot is a pastebin server and IRC bot in one program. Users submit short pieces of text to the web server, and the IRC bot announces them in IRC. Pastebot may have invented the pastebin. As of the time of this writing, Wikipedia’s Pastebin article cites Pastebot as the earliest recorded pastebin.

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Pastebot is a web-based dropbox for small texts.  On the one hand, it
is a web server, accepting "pastes" from one person to share with
others.  On the other hand, it is an IRC bot that announces paste URLs
on appropriate channels.

Quick install

If you're the system administrator for your machine, you can install
all the necessary modules with

  make install-cpan
  make install

The default installation structure:

  /usr/local/etc/pastebot/      Configuration files
  /usr/local/share/pastebot     Libraries
  /usr/local/bin                Executables


Perl 5.005, but Perl 5.6.1 or newer is recommended.

You'll need the following Perl modules.

  Filter::Util::Call    (comes with perl 5.8.1)
  Storable              (comes with perl 5.8.1)
  Time::HiRes           (comes with perl 5.8.1)

Setting up

Rename pastebot.conf-dist to pastebot.conf (unless you have one already).
Customize your new/existing pastebot.conf.
Run pastebot.perl.

Pastebot is its own web server.  It often cannot bind to port 80
because some other web server is already there.  That's why its
default port (in pastebot.conf-dist) is 8888.  This is hostile towards
people behind firewalls.

Apache users can use ProxyPass to map a directory on their port-80
servers to a running pastebot. This feature requires Apache be built
with both mod_proxy and mod_proxy_add_forward.c support, and that the
add forward module come before the proxy module:

  ./configure --enable-module=proxy \
    --activate-module=src/modules/extra/mod_proxy_add_forward.c \
    --enable-module=proxy_add_forward \
    --permute-module=proxy:END \

Create a virtual location for the proxy directory.

  <Location /pastebot>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from none

Tell Apache to forward any requests in the /pastebot/ directory
through to the local pastebot process.

  ProxyPass  /pastebot/

Now people can use pastebot on port 80. Be sure to set the 'iname'
configuration flag in the pastebot.conf web_server configuration section
to hide the internal host/port values. Also be sure to set the proxy



* IRC client (foo): socket error occurred: Can't assign requested address

  The most likely cause of this is an unknown host name, either for a
  local machine or a remote IRC server.  If you have multiple servers
  specified, the bot will try the next server in approximately one

* Can't locate [some module] in @INC (@INC contains: ...)

  Somehow you managed to install one of pastebot's required modules
  without installing a module it in turn needs.  You'll need to install
  [some module] manually.

* <something> section <name> is redefined at ##

  This error looks something like:

    pastes section pbtest is redefined at 68
    Compilation failed in require at Server/ line 18, <MPH> line 85.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Server/ line 18, <MPH> line 85.
    Compilation failed in require at ./pastebot.perl line 9, <MPH> line 85.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./pastebot.perl line 9, <MPH> line 85.

  To fix, update the pastebot.conf to use different names for the
  different sections:

      name poenet

      name efnet

      name neitherpoenetnorefnet


Various support options are available from pastebot's SourceForge
summary page.  Please see:

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