Self-referential, semi-literate documentation for Perl distributions.
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Writing good documentation is hard.  It describes a moving target, so
it multiplies the engineering effort to change anything.  I think
there are some basic ways to reduce the effort.

1. Reuse as much code as possible in the documentation.  Whenever
possible, documentation examples should come from the code itself.

2. Reuse as much documentation as possible.  Summaries of base class
interfaces may be reused in subclass implementations.  Roles provide
implementation to the classes that consume them; they should also
provide the supporting documentation.

3. More, I'm sure, as it goes along.

Over time, this repository will include three Perl distributions to
make things easier for me---and I hope for many others.

See TODO for the roadmap to release 1.0 and beyond.

The pod-plexus distribution will implement a meta-POD markup
translator based on Pod::Elemental, PPI and perhaps Moose or
Class::MOP.  It already includes basic syntax for:

	=abstract (brief description)

		Replaced by "=head1 NAME\n\n(module) - (brief description)\n\n"

	=for example (module) (sub)

		Replaced by the implementation of (module) and/or (sub).

	=copyright (year/s) (whom)

		Replaced by a "=head1 COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE" boilerplate section.

	Template::Toolkit expansion.

		In cases where there's no declarative POD syntax, the
		documentation can symbolically refer to aspects of the
		distribution and modules it contains.

		Using the templates is considered a rapid design hack.  One should
		replace template use with declarative syntax once concepts have
		been proven.

The utility is a small proof of concept.  It takes two or
more parameters: the file that will have its documentation
transformed, and one or more root directories from which supporting
modules will be gathered.  For example:  lib/  lib