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Things to do
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Revision history for POE::Component::Client::HTTP
Changes marked with "(!!!)" may break backward compatibility. Changes
marked with "(???)" are just information.
Note to self: Don't forget to tag the version after a new distribution
is released. For example: `cvs tag -Rc v1_00 .'
0.41 2002.03.25
Just 0.4001 after people confirmed that it actually works. :)
0.4001 (private test release)
Frank Konen discovered that this component's Content-Length and header
size calculations were incorrect before Erick Calder. Hopefully 0.41
will fix things for everyone.
Erick Calder discovered a site that didn't work with 0.40. This
release patches the fix in 0.40 so both his test cases work, but it's
not generally relased in case he discovers another problem. 0.41
should be released in a couple days if all goes well.
0.40 2002.03.17
Erick Calder <> discovered that Client::HTTP was cutting
responses short. It turns out that 0.39 was counting the headers
towards the content length. Rocco reset the received octets count at
the end of the headers.
0.39 2001.12.06
Rocco installed Client::HTTP in a live program, and it promptly broke.
This release fixes the new timer code in 0.38.
0.38 2001.12.06
Fixed the SYNOPSIS per Jason Boxman's recommendation.
Made the Timeout parameter significant. There was no code behind it
before now.
0.37 2001.10.15
Add a MaxSize parameter to the Component's constructor. When used, it
can prevent the world from blowing up when someone hands you
0.36 2001.05.29
Martijn van Beers sent in a patch to have the client send an entire
query, parameters and all, and not just the path.
Some servers return bad newlines in the headers. Detect the newline
style in the status line, and use that throughout the headers.
Added a new parameter to the 'request' event: A tag that can be used
to match requests to responses regardless of the URL. The tag will be
passed back with a response, in offset 1 of the request packet.
Removed the requirement that an HTTP status line have a protocol type
and version.
Added the HTTP::Request to the HTTP::Response this module returns.
The CookieJar needs this, as does everyone who expects this module to
work properly.
0.35 2000.09.20
Added cookies support, and documented the CookieJar parameter for
0.34 2000.09.02
On crysflame's recommendation, I moved the file out of
POE/Component/Client and added a PM directive to Makefile.PL. Now gets installed. Fixed the MANIFEST and cleaned up Makefile.PL
a little while I was in there.
0.33 2000.09.01
Initial release. Arbitrarily versioned at 0.33 to indicate the
author's confidence in its completion (that is, it's about 1/3 of the
way). It works for simple GET and POST requests; others may also
work, but they haven't been tested.
EOF: Thank you for reading.