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A fast, asynchronous, concurrent ICMP library for Perl.

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POE::Component::Client::Ping is an asynchronous, event driven client
for ICMP ping.  It accepts events containing the specifics of ICMP
ping requests, and it returns events carrying the results of those


This module requires POE.  It also requires root privilege, or your
operating system's equivalent, so that it can open a raw socket on
port 0.  Knowing what this means is left as an exercise for the

Basic Installation

[Note: This section is written in advance of PoCo::Client::Ping's
placement on the CPAN.  These steps are wrong, and you will find no
joy following them.  Please read the Manual Installation section

POE::Component::Client::Ping may be installed through the CPAN shell
in the usual CPAN shell manner.  This typically is:

  $ perl -MCPAN -e 'intstall POE::Component::Client::Ping'

You can also read this README from the CPAN shell:

  $ perl -MCPAN -e shell
  cpan> readme POE::Component::Client::Ping

And you can install the component from the CPAN prompt as well:

  cpan> install POE::Component::Client::Ping

Manual Installation

POE::Component::Client::Ping can also be installed manually.  The
latest CPAN version can be found at
<> or in a
similarly named directory at your favorite CPAN mirror.  The most
recent development snapshot, which only rarely contains hideous
show-stopping bugs, is available from POE's web site at

Downloading and unpacking the distribution are left as exercises for
the reader.  To build and test it:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test

The test program, t/01_ping.t, makes an excellent sample program.  In
fact, it was adapted from the sample program used to debug this
component.  If you would like to see more details about the test's
operation, edit t/01_ping.t and set the DEBUG constant to any value
Perl considers "true".

When you're ready to install the component:

  make install

It should now be ready to use.

EOF: Thank you for reading.
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