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Revision history for POE::Component::Client::UserAgent
POE::Component::Client::UserAgent 0.06
- test fix since hotmail stopped redirecting
- Improve file:// support on some systems.
POE::Component::Client::UserAgent 0.04
- bug fix in _pococ_ua_postback
- added 03chunks.t
POE::Component::Client::UserAgent 0.03
- timeout handling added
- removed code copied from LWP::Parallel, instead use
the new hooks added by the LWP::PUA maintainer
- use the non-blocking connect code included in LWP::Parallel,
the modified file is no longer needed
- this version requires POE 0.1402 and LWP::Parallel 2.51 or later
- a readme file added
POE::Component::Client::UserAgent 0.02
- new method made an alias of the spawn method
- expedite selects and _error event added to catch TCP errors
- postbacks are used to keep the client session alive.
The client session is responsible for creating the postback.
- component renamed to POE::Component::Client::UserAgent
- discard_entry overridden to try and do better cleanup
- documentation added and posted on the web
- CPAN style distribution created
POE::Component::UserAgent 0.01
- new method
- _start, _stop, _signal standard events
- request and shutdown events
- _write and _read event code taken almost verbatim from LWP::PUA
- _connect, on_return and on_failure overrides
- 01basic.t and 02multi.t test scripts
- debugging facilities, debug method
- hacked version of LWP::Parallel::Protocol::http for non-blocking connects