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POE documentation project.

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This is a long-term project to write a comprehensive, book-like manual
for POE.  It's inspired in part by similar manuals for projects such
as Moose::Manual.  Some files are part of an attempt to write the "POE
Book" that people have asked for.

If cash motivates you, the Enlightened Perl Organisation has offered a
£450 grant to complete this documentation.  For more information, see

	Devin Austin was working on this grant, but he seems to have got
	busy with other things.  Please contact the project if you're
	interested in taking over the grant work.

To help, this repository recently aggregated external POE
documentation, proto-documentation ideas, and links to additional

The project's scope and roadmap is evolving in TODO.otl, which is a
plain-text outline that may be viewed and changed in any editor.

	The outline is actually in a format supported by Vim Outline. version 0.3.4 or later
	might help.  However, the project is looking for an outline format
	supported by more editors.  Let us know if such a thing exists.


	A quick `grep -A4 -i copyright *` shows that most materials have no
	explicit copyright.  The materials that are copyright, are done so
	from 2001-2011 under "the same terms as Perl itself".

	For compatibility, all future contributions must be made under the
	For compatibility, all new contributions must also be made under the
	same terms as Perl 5.  The final product will be distributed with
	Dist::Zilla, using 'license = Perl_5'.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you'll help.

-- Rocco Caputo
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