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EPO POE Doc Grant Proposal
POE is large, and its existing documentation is not gentle to new
users. This grant will fund the creation of documents that introduce
new users to POE's basic and intermediate concepts and their usage.
1. An organized outline of topics that will serve as a specification
for the final deliverable documentation. The outline will be
submitted to EPO for approval before writing begins.
2. Documents per the topical outline.
Rocco Caputo <> - Mentor/Manager
Devin Austin <> - Student/Writer
Project Plans:
1. Triage current documentation to bridge the gap between where the documentation is now, and where we want to be by the end (already in progress).
2. Analyze what kind of examples that would be most beneficial to include in the documentation.
3. Refactor documentation into a usable state.
4. Create a well rounded and user friendly document and code base for the beginning POE user.
5. "Beta" test documentation through various trials and get feedback on what needs fixing, applause, comments, etc.
6. Send out an RFC to the POE and other respective mailing lists concerning the new documentation.
7. Sift through RFC feedback and continue the refactoring cycle.
8. Finalize documentation and examples and have a finished and brand new documentation product for the new POE user.
Project Schedule: (not sure what we're looking at here for a due date, will leave this out until we figure that out)
Benefits to the perl/open source community:
POE is a very useful framework for many many tasks. If we can bridge the gap between the new user and the current user-base, it will help bring POE into a less "scary" light, much in the way that Moose's doc grant brought a large influx of interested users into the fray. With an influx of users comes volunteers, which means better documentation, better tests, and more hands for expanding POE itself.
0. RFC to mailing list for documentation wishes
1. Full wishlist of TODOs (mostly done)
2. Fulfillable task list which we will focus on
3. First draft/round of completed documentation and examples (perhaps by "chapter?")
4. Nth draft/round of completed documentation and examples (will be based upon how the documentation will be stair stepped)
5. Initial trials for reviews
6. RFC to mailing list
7. Integration of mailing list reviews
8. RFC of integrated and finalized documentation
22 year old student/web development contractor in the final throes of a Computer Security degree with a minor in Computer science. Kung Fu instructor in-progress, and avid perl hacker and geek.
Google Summer of Code 2009
License: Perl 5