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Made the EPO proposal a little more "this is what we're going to do"-…


Convert the README into epo-topics.otl, and cut out 300-400 lines in the process.
It's still a terrible mess, but now it has some structure.
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EPO POE Doc Grant Proposal
-Abstract: To provide a good, solid, beginner-intermediate level documentation environment to bridge the gap between beginners and the current, existing documenation.
+POE is large, and its existing documentation is not gentle to new
+users. This grant will fund the creation of documents that introduce
+new users to POE's basic and intermediate concepts and their usage.
+1. An organized outline of topics that will serve as a specification
+for the final deliverable documentation. The outline will be
+submitted to EPO for approval before writing begins.
+2. Documents per the topical outline.
+Rocco Caputo <> - Mentor/Manager
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