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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Converts page files to lowercase so that the $ForceLcaseFiles option
# works better.
use strict;
use File::Find;
# The directory where data files reside has been hardcoded to an
# inappropriate value. Since this is a one-time program, I haven't
# bothered to make it an option. Usage: fix it and remove the die.
my $data_dir = "/home/troc/www/htdocs/data";
die "data directory is hardcoded to $data_dir\n";
# Must be a data directory. Try to keep people from lowercasing huge
# tracts of incorrect files.
die "directory must end in /data: $data_dir"
unless $data_dir =~ m{/data$};
# Find by depth so that parent directories do not get renamed and
# possibly break the traversal.
finddepth( \&lowercase_files, "$data_dir/page" );
finddepth( \&lowercase_files, "$data_dir/keep" );
sub lowercase_files {
# Skip single-character filenames. This is not the best way to skip
# the top-level "bucket" directories.
return if /^.$/;
# Don't bother if the filename already is lowercase.
my $lcase = lc($_);
return if $lcase eq $_;
warn $lcase;
# If the lowercase version already exists, then there's a clash that
# must be manually fixed.
if (-e $lcase) {
warn( "Mixed/lowercase filename clash needs to be fixed manually:\n",
rename($_, lc($_)) or
warn( "Could not lowercase this file ($!):\n",
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