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this module is intended the POE::XS codebase as it grows from an idea
into reality. The decision was made NOT to include the original POE perl
modules here so they would not hamper us into thinking like perl in our
c. there are some rules for this module:
1) POE::XS *MUST* pass all tests in the main POE distribution and then
some. in addition to being 100% perl-poe compliant, POE::XS must also
pass XS specific tests.
2) Do everything in C until perl has to know about what's going on.
Internal structures, objects, whatever stay in c until perl asks
specifically for the data. No gains will be made if we simply translate
Perl one-to-one into XS.
3) Internal breakage is strongly encouraged (provided rule 1 is followed)
as it will let us flex our minds and come up with new ways
to make POE faster. One example would be removing Session references
from the Kernel, operating solely on IDs. POE is written in perl. poexs
is written in C/XS. As such, there are unique optimization opportunities
in each implementation. Take advantage of the language's features and
coolness as much as possible while maintaining compliance to the first
two rules.
Beyond that, go to town. Have fun. Find cool ways to make POE faster and
- sungo (10/12/2004)
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