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# Session IDs: The data to maintain them, and accessors to get at them
# sanely from other files.
package POE::Resource::SIDs;
use vars qw($VERSION);
$VERSION = '1.350'; # NOTE - Should be #.### (three decimal places)
# These methods are folded into POE::Kernel;
package POE::Kernel;
use strict;
### Map session IDs to sessions. Map sessions to session IDs.
### Maintain a sequence number for determining the next session ID.
my %kr_session_ids;
# ( $session_id => $session_reference,
# ...,
# );
my $kr_sid_seq = 0;
sub _data_sid_initialize {
$poe_kernel->[KR_SESSION_IDS] = \%kr_session_ids;
$poe_kernel->[KR_SID_SEQ] = \$kr_sid_seq;
sub _data_sid_relocate_kernel_id {
my ($self, $old_id, $new_id) = @_;
$kr_session_ids{$new_id} = delete $kr_session_ids{$old_id}
if exists $kr_session_ids{$old_id};
### End-run leak checking.
sub _data_sid_finalize {
my $finalized_ok = 1;
while (my ($sid, $ses) = each(%kr_session_ids)) {
_warn "!!! Leaked session ID: $sid = $ses\n";
$finalized_ok = 0;
return $finalized_ok;
### Allocate a new session ID.
sub _data_sid_allocate {
my $self = shift;
1 while exists $kr_session_ids{++$kr_sid_seq};
return $kr_sid_seq;
### Set a session ID.
sub _data_sid_set {
my ($self, $sid, $session) = @_;
$kr_session_ids{$sid} = $session;
### Clear a session ID.
sub _data_sid_clear {
my ($self, $sid) = @_;
return delete $kr_session_ids{$sid} unless ASSERT_DATA;
my $removed = delete $kr_session_ids{$sid};
_trap("unknown SID '$sid'") unless defined $removed;
### Resolve a session ID into its session.
sub _data_sid_resolve {
my ($self, $sid) = @_;
return $kr_session_ids{$sid};
=head1 NAME
POE::Resource::SIDs - internal session ID manager for POE::Kernel
There is no public API.
POE::Resource::SIDs is a mix-in class for POE::Kernel. It provides
the features necessary to manage session IDs. It is used internally
by POE::Kernel, so it has no public interface.
=head1 SEE ALSO
See L<POE::Kernel/Session Identifiers (IDs and Aliases)> for more
information about session IDs.
See L<POE::Kernel/Resources> for for public information about POE
See L<POE::Resource> for general discussion about resources and the
classes that manage them.
=head1 BUGS
None known.
Please see L<POE> for more information about authors and contributors.
# rocco // vim: ts=2 sw=2 expandtab
# TODO - Edit.
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