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* About
POE is the Perl Object Environment, a non-forking, non-blocking, co-operative
multitasking, object-oriented virtual environment. When finished, it should
look almost exactly like a cross between a MUD and an operating system.
* Version 0.01 includes:
The POE Kernel. This provides an event queue, select(2) logic, alarms (delayed
events) and limited signal processing.
A state machine class (Session) that reacts to state transitions (events)
created or dispatched from the Kernel.
Reusable boilerplace state machines (Wheels) that extend Sessions by adding
their states when constructed and removing their states when destroyed.
* Future plans include:
A Dictionary class to manage POE objects.
A high-level scripting language for object behaviors.
* To build, test and install this distribution, type:
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
Please see the F<tests> directory for examples that exercise different parts
of POE.
-- Rocco Caputo /
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