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# A sample external freezer for POE::Filter::Reference testing.
package MyOtherFreezer;
use strict;
sub new {
my $type = shift;
return bless [ ], $type;
sub freeze {
my $thing = shift;
$thing = shift if ref($thing) eq 'MyOtherFreezer';
if (ref($thing) eq 'SCALAR') {
return reverse(join "\0", ref($thing), $$thing);
elsif (ref($thing) eq 'Package') {
return reverse(join "\0", ref($thing), @$thing);
die "can't freeze things of type ", ref($thing);
sub thaw {
my $thing = shift;
$thing = shift if ref($thing) eq 'MyOtherFreezer';
my ($type, @stuff) = split /\0/, reverse($thing);
if ($type eq 'SCALAR') {
my $scalar = $stuff[0];
return \$scalar;
elsif ($type eq 'Package') {
return bless \@stuff, $type;
die "can't thaw things of type $type";
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