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Updated Windows and MacOS support info. in POE's man page.

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@@ -444,23 +444,23 @@ No known problems. POE has no OS/2 tester starting with version
=item Windows
-Windows support lapsed between version 0.0806 and 0.0903 when Sean
-Puckett ran out of time to pursue it and Douglas Couch found time for
-it. Douglas now maintains POE's Windows code, as well as the
-ActiveState PPM and HTML documentation at
+POE seems to work very nicely with Perl compiled for CygWin. If you
+must use ActiveState Perl, please use build 631 or newer.
-Windows support is still flaky as of POE 0.1702, partly because of a
-bug in ActivePerl Build 631 (unreleased at the time of
-this writing) should help considerably.
+Currently there is nobody maintaining POE for Windows. Rocco will be
+fixing things as he's able, but he has only limited access to Windows
+machines for testing and development. If you would like to accelerate
+POE's Windows support, please contact Rocco or the mailing list.
+Thanks to Sean Puckett, Douglas Couch, Hachi, and Dynweb for their
+help in bringing POE's Windows support so far.
=item MacOS
-POE generally works with MacOS/X, but it fails some tests. Resolving
-these failures depends on SourceForge bringing their MacOS/X machines
-back online.
+POE 0.18 passes all tests on MacOS/X.
-MacOS pre-X seems like a lost cause unless someone steps forward as a
-tester and/or porter to that platform.
+Its pre-X support seems like a lost cause unless someone steps forward
+to make it happen.
@@ -469,6 +469,8 @@ tester and/or porter to that platform.
POE requires Filter::Util::Call version 1.18 or newer. All the other
modules are optional.
+Time::HiRes is recommended.
Some of POE's sample programs use fork(). They won't work wherever
fork() isn't available; sorry.

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