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We're 0.34 now. Make some pre-release README tweaks, too.

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@@ -23,33 +23,26 @@ release.
Installing POE
-See for download sites, Windows
-installation tips, and anonymous CVS instructions.
-POE may be installed through the CPAN shell in the usual manner.
+POE can be installed through the CPAN or CPANPLUS shell in the usual
% perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install POE
-To install on a Win32 machine using ActiveState's PPM. If PPM fails,
-try PPM3.
- > ppm install
+ explains other options for
+obtaining POE, including anonymous Subversion access.
- > ppm3 install
+As of version 0.34, we are working to make sure ActiveState's
+automated package system can build POE PPDs itself. POE's homegrown
+PPD build system is being phased out.
Test Results
-POE is tested before each release and post-release by a group of
-volunteers known as the CPAN Testers. You can see the public results
-of their work at:
- -- CPAN testers' reports.
+The CPAN Testers are a group of volunteers who test new CPAN
+distributions on a number of platforms. You can see their test
+results at:
POE's ongoing improvement relies on your feedback. You file bug
reports, feature requests, and even success stories by e-mailing
@@ -69,19 +62,18 @@ it as an accurate gauge of quality.
What POE Is
-POE is a networking and multitasking (some say cooperative threading)
-framework for Perl. It has been in active development since 1996,
-with its first open release in 1998. O'Reilly's "The Perl Conference"
-(now OSCON's Perl track) named POE "Best New Module" in 1999.
+POE is an event-driven networking and multitasking framework for Perl.
+It has been in active development since 1996, with its first open
+release in 1998. O'Reilly's "The Perl Conference" (now OSCON's Perl
+track) named POE "Best New Module" in 1999.
POE has been used in mission-critical systems such as internetworked
financial markets, file systems, commerce and application servers. It
has been used in projects ranging from a few lines of code to tens of
POE is compatible with perl versions as old as 5.005_03. This may
-change as it becomes harder and harder to support old versions of Perl
-over time.
+change as it becomes harder to support old versions of Perl over time.
POE includes an evolving component framework. Components are
high-level, modular, reusable pieces of programs. Several components
@@ -99,4 +91,4 @@ Bye!
Thanks for reading!
-Rocco Caputo / /
+Rocco Caputo / /
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ use strict;
use Carp qw( croak );
use vars qw($VERSION $REVISION);
-$VERSION = '0.33_02';
+$VERSION = '0.34';
$REVISION = do {my($r)=(q$Revision$=~/(\d+)/);sprintf"1.%04d",$r};
sub import {
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ the notion of an event driven task.
POE::Wheel classes operate at a slightly higher level. They plug into
sessions and perform very common, general tasks. For example,
-POE::Wheel::ReadWrite performs buffered I/O.
+POE::Wheel::ReadWrite performs buffered I/O.
Unlike cheese, wheels do not stand alone. They are customized by
POE::Driver and POE::Filter classes. Using the proper filter, a

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