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<sky> what happens is that the code is compiled twice, and the first

      time in the same scope as the ST_TIME
<dngnand> This is the 0.22 bug?
<sky> yes
<sky> the bug exists in non threaded and threaded perl
<sky> but because threaded perl keeps constants on the pad, it
      actually shows
<dngnand> Oh!  Does it also do this in blead, then?
<sky> no, but maintblead
<sky> blead fixes it
<sky> but blead has mucho rewritten pad handling
<dngnand> Do you think this is something that will bite regular
          POE/Perl users?
<sky> not in 0.23+
<dngnand> I'll remove the warning from Makefile.PL, then.
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1 parent 5fcd5c8 commit 40eee30354109eb8d097901b57f106c9d3e469e4 @rcaputo committed Mar 1, 2003
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19 Makefile.PL
@@ -20,25 +20,6 @@ if ($@) {
require "./lib/";
else {
- if( (defined $Config{useithreads}) && ($Config{useithreads} eq 'define') ) {
- warn( "\n",
- "================================================================\n",
- "\n",
- "Your perl seems to be built with ithreads activated. As of this\n",
- "writing (Sep 22 2002), ithreads has a rather icky bug where\n",
- "constant values may randomly change. This can cause sporadic\n",
- "errors in POE, which makes heavy use of constants.\n",
- "\n",
- "We recommend rebuilding perl without ithreads until the problem\n",
- "is resolved. The issue is described in detail and tracked at\n",
- "\n",
- "\n",
- "================================================================\n",
- "\n",
- );
- sleep 5;
- print "Continuing with configure process...\n";
- }
require "./lib/";

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