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@@ -44,12 +44,16 @@ POE has been tested with Perl 5.004_04, 5.005_02, 5.005_53 and
detailed compatibility information, please see
-POE currently does not work on Windows platforms, due to differences
-between Windows' and the rest of the world's ioctl and select calls.
+As of this writing, POE does not work on Windows platforms. This has
+been traced to differences between Windows' and the rest of the
+world's ioctl and select calls.
POE is suspected to work on MacOS. If someone could confirm or deny
this, it would be greatly appreciated. will ensure that you have up-to-date copies of all the modules
+POE uses, even if you don't need them.
POE is compatible with fork(), but it doesn't require it.

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