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@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Version numbers have four fields: X.YYZZAA
| things greatly...
| Samples, long term: Split them out and turn them into proper
-| tutorials. They take up a good 300 kilobytes, uncompressed.
+| tutorials. They take up something like half the distribution!
| POE::NFA test.
@@ -61,8 +61,8 @@ Version numbers have four fields: X.YYZZAA
-0.1110 2000.11.11
+0.1110 2000.11.11 (!!!)
Added ARG1 to Wheel::ListenAccept's AcceptState parameter. This
contains the accept() call's return address.
@@ -3,14 +3,38 @@ $Id$
The bulk of this README's information has migrated to the POE manpage.
+Distribution Details
+This distribution comes with several sample and tutorial programs in
+its samples/ directory. These programs are NOT installed because they
+have limited use and take up about 400 kilobytes (around half of the
+total distribution).
+The lib/ directory includes a few useful utilities, including a
+relatively portable pipe creator. It uses pipe() or falls back to
+INET domain sockets. There's also a small test coverage tracer
+module, harness, and report. The test coverage summary at the end of
+this file is part of the report. These utilities aren't installed
+The test programs, in t/, may also be interesting examples, although
+they're more geared towards exercising POE's bits. The tests also
+aren't installed.
+All in all, the actual installed bits of POE are probably around 1/4
+of the total distribution, and half of them are PODs.
Compatibility Between Versions
As POE moves closer towards the Common Sense axis, it sometimes
diverges away from the Backwards Compatible axis. If this version is
being installed over a previous one, please check the Changes file to
-see what it might break. Interface changes usually are documented.
+see what it might break. Interface changes usually are documented and
+set off with a little text icon.
Basic Installation
@@ -61,15 +85,15 @@ Finally you can install it:
Test Results and Coverage
-These are the `make test' results for POE 0.1109 on OS/2:
+These are the `make test' results for POE 0.1110 on OS/2:
Hardware: Cyrix P166+; 64MB RAM.
Software: OS/2 4, fix 13; perl 5.6.0; no Perl/Tk; no Event; no Gtk.
All tests successful, 4 tests skipped.
Files=22, Tests=374, 173 wallclock secs ( [line shortened] )
-These are the `make test' results for POE 0.1109 or FreeBSD:
+These are the `make test' results for POE 0.1110 or FreeBSD:
Hardware: AMD 486-40; 16MB RAM.
Software: FreeBSD 4.0-STABLE; perl 5.6.0; Perl/Tk 800.021; Event 0.79;

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