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@@ -746,11 +746,12 @@ sometimes. If I've forgotten someone, please let me know.
=over 2
-=item Arnar M. Hrafnkelsson
+=item Ann Barcomb
-Arnar is <>. Addi tested POE and POE::Component::IRC on
-Windows, finding bugs and testing fixes. He appears throughout the
-Changes file.
+Ann Barcomb is <>, aka C<kudra>. Ann contributed
+large portions of poesimple and the code that became the ReadWrite
+support in POE::Component::Server::TCP. Her ideas were also used in
+the Client::TCP component introduced in version 0.1702.
=item Artur Bergman
@@ -763,12 +764,45 @@ bits and pieces throughout POE. His intangible contributions include
feedback, testing, conceptual planning and inspiration. POE would
never have come this far without his support.
+Artur is investing his time heavily into perl 5's ithreads at the
+moment. This project has far-reaching implications for POE's future.
+=item Jos Boumans
+Jos Boumans is <>, aka C<Co-Kane>. Jos is a major
+driving force behind the POE::Simple movement and is one of the POE
+idea fairies. Jos is almost always available on IRC for the wizards
+to bounce ideas off or for a fresh perspective.
+=item Matt Cashner
+Matt Cashner is <>, aka C<sungo>. Matt is a POE
+ambassador, or something, between Rocco's point of view and people who
+haven't had the benefit of knowing the system since its conception.
+He's spearheaded the movement to smiplify POE for new users,
+flattening the learning curve and making the system more accessible to
+everyone. He's almost singlehandedly rewriting POE's documentation.
+He uses the system in mission critical applications, folding feedback
+and features back into the distribution for everyone's enjoyment.
+=item Andrew Chen
+Andrew Chen is <>. Andrew contributes much
+needed testing for Solaris on the SPARC and Windows 2000 platforms.
=item Douglas Couch
Douglas Couch is <>. Douglas maintains POE for
Windows, as well as the latest PPM and online documentation at
<>. Rockin'!
+=item Jeffrey Goff
+Jeffrey Goff is <>. Jeffrey is the author of
+several POE modules, including a tokenizing filter and a component for
+managing user information, PoCo::UserBase. He's also co-author of "A
+Beginner's Introduction to POE" at
=item Philip Gwyn
Philip Gwyn is <>. He extended the Wheels I/O
@@ -781,6 +815,12 @@ serialization methods. His intangible contributions include the
discovery and/or destruction of several bugs (see the Changes file)
and a thorough code review around version 0.06.
+=item Arnar M. Hrafnkelsson
+Arnar is <>. Addi tested POE and POE::Component::IRC on
+Windows, finding bugs and testing fixes. He appears throughout the
+CHANGES file.
=item Dave Paris
Dave Paris is <>. Dave tested and benchmarked POE
@@ -815,13 +855,18 @@ problem relating to anonymous subs, scope and @{} processing.
In short, he squashed a coredump with a reliable work-around.
+=item Richard Soderberg
+Richard Soderberg is <>, aka C<coral>. Richard is
+a collaborator on several side projects involving POE. His work
+provides valuable testing and feedback from a user's point of view.
=item Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor is <>. Dennis has been testing,
debugging and patching bits here and there, such as Filter::Line which
he improved by leaps in 0.1102. He's also the author of
-POE::Component::IRC, which isn't included here but may be found at
-either <>.
=item Others?

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