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@@ -219,28 +219,6 @@ By design, it's possible to implement new POE::Kernel guts by creating
another POE::Resource class. One can then expose the functionality
with a new POE::API mix-in.
-=head1 USING POE
-POE's C<import> method implements some magic to cut down on the amount
-of necessary setup.
-For starters, C<use POE> will automatically include POE::Kernel. And
-it will also include POE::Session if a session type isn't specified.
-Most programs need both of these modules, so POE gives you them for
-Modules can also be included on the C<use POE> line. The leading
-"POE::" should be omitted when using POE this way:
- use POE qw(Component::Client::TCP).
-This is a somewhat abbreviated version of:
- use POE;
- use POE::Kernel;
- use POE::Session;
- use POE::Component::Client::TCP;
You're reading the main POE documentation. It's the general entry
@@ -255,6 +233,12 @@ them. Broader concepts are covered in the most appropriate class, and
sometimes they are divided among classes that share in their
+=head2 Basic Usage
+Basic usage, even for, is documented in POE::Kernel. That's
+where most of POE's work is done, and is little more than a
+class loader.
=head2 @_[KERNEL, HEAP, etc.]
Event handler calling conventions, that weird C<@_[KERNEL, HEAP]>
@@ -643,6 +627,9 @@ wildly popular Net::IRC library.
Please contact the author if you've been forgotten and would like to
be included here.
+TODO - This section has fallen into disrepair. A POE historian needs
+to cull the CHANGES for the names of major contributors.
=head2 Author

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