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Revision history for Perl extension POE.
+*** 0.05 1998.12.04
+- Delayed garbage collection on new sessions. Previously, sessions
+would be tested for garbage collection immediately after creation.
+- Fixed a fatal bug in tests/proxy.perl. Added ability to redirect
+multiple ports. Added more logging information.
+- Fixed SIGPIPE handling. Previously, SIGPIPE would be dispatched to
+every Session. Now it is dispatched directly to the session that was
+running when the signal occurred. This probably breaks multithreaded
+programs that contain multiple kernels, and I am considering dropping
+multi-kernel support.
+- Fixed SIGRTMIN handling. At least one system has this signal
+defined in %SIG but doesn't support it. Assigning to $SIG{'RTMIN'}
+there causes an "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" warning, and the
+test program hangs. POE now skips RTMIN and RTMAX when assigning
+- Added Filter::Reference, contributed by Artur Bergman
+<>. Filter::References enables POE to pass
+copies of referenced data between processes. It requires C<Storable>
+or C<FreezeThaw>.
+- Fixed Wheel::ReadWrite::put(). It used to send a concatenated
+version of @_ to its driver. This broke Filter::Reference when
+putting a list of references. Now it's up to respective Filter
+classes to do the right thing with @_.
+- Fixed Wheel::ReadWrite. Now it sends FlushedState events when it
*** 0.04 1998.11.24
- Added $object->can($state) check when registering object methods as

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