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POE has been tested with Perl 5.004_04 on recent versions of Linux,
- FreeBSD, and OS/2. It does not require threads or other 5.004_50+
- features.
+ FreeBSD, and OS/2.
- It does require: the IO bundle;
+ It is rumored to work on Windows and suspected to work on MacOS. If
+ someone could confirm or deny this, I would appreciate it.
+ POE requires: a recent IO bundle;
If available, it will take advantage of: Time::HiRes
+ It does not require threads or other 5.004_50+ features.
The latest version of POE is in /authors/id/R/RC/RCAPUTO/ on your
favorite CPAN mirror.
+ Thanks to sky_GOD <> for much useful
+ feedback and suggestions. Nearly all the 0.01-0.04 changes were a
+ result of his tireless work.
To build and test this distribution, type:

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