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@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ POE comes with six wheels.
The Curses wheel handles non-blocking input for programs using the
curses text interface. It requires the Curses perl module and a
-familiarity with curses programming.
+familiarity with curses programming.q
=item POE::Wheel::FollowTail
@@ -451,43 +451,11 @@ No known problems. POE has no OS/2 tester starting with version
=item Windows
-Windows support lapsed in version 0.0806 when I took out some code I
-wasn't sure was working. Well, it was working, and removing it broke
-POE on Windows.
-Douglas Couch reported that POE worked with the latest stable
-ActivePerl prior to version 5.6.0-RC1. He said that RC1 supported
-fork and other Unix compatibilities, but it still seemed like beta
-level code. This seems to have changed with the release of 5.6.0-GA.
-Douglas writes:
- I've done some preliminary testing of the 0.0903 version and the
- re-addition of the Win32 support seems to be a success. I'll do
- some more intensive testing in the next few days to make sure
- nothing else is broken that I haven't missed.
-And later:
- After testing out my own program and having no problems with the
- newest version (with Win32 support), I thought I'd test out some of
- the samples and relay my results.
- filterchange.perl and preforkedserver.perl both contain fork
- commands which are still unsupported by ActiveState's port of Perl,
- so they were both unsuccessful. (this was anticipated for anything
- containing fork)
- ref-type.perl, refsender.perl, thrash.perl and wheels2.perl all ran
- up against the same unsupported POSIX macro. According to the error
- message, my vendor's POSIX doesn't support the macro EINPROGRESS.
- [EINPROGRESS is fixed as of version 0.1003; see the Changes]
- Other than those particular problems all of the other sample scripts
- ran fine.
-As far as I know, POE works okay on Windows these days.
+Windows support lapsed between version 0.0806 and 0.0903 when Sean
+Puckett ran out of time to pursue it and Douglas Couch found time for
+it. Douglas now maintains POE's Windows code, as well as the
+ActiveState PPM and HTML documentation available at
=item MacOS
@@ -532,6 +500,9 @@ Filter::HTTPD uses a small world of modules including HTTP::Status;
HTTP::Request; HTTP::Date and URI::URL. The httpd.perl sample program
uses Filter::HTTPD, which uses all that other stuff.
+Wheel::Curses requires the Curses module, which in turn requires some
+sort of curses library.
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