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oops... forgot a few things

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rcaputo committed Dec 15, 2000
1 parent 401d12e commit ab34098cad143aa79ef0af9623fc2a12bbea1c32
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@@ -33,11 +33,16 @@ Added a program, lib/deptest.perl, which tries to determine and test
the distribution's dependencies. If any are missing, it reports them,
and it may stop the module from being installed.
-Tentatively POE development to <>.
-Really regretting it at the moment: SF is experiencing severe
-growing/moving pains, resulting in a lot of service failures.
+Tentatively moved POE development to SourceForge (project name: "poe",
+at <>). I'm really regretting it
+at the moment: SF is experiencing severe growing/moving pains, and all
+sorts of things have been broken.
-Documented the object layer depreciation.
+Documented the object layer depreciation. The object layer will be
+moved to a separate component after 0.13 is released.
+Documented the samples depreciation. They will be moved to a separate
+distribution after 0.13 is released.
Moved POE::Kernel's data structures out of $self and into lexicals.
Kept references to the structures in $self so Data::Dumper can dump

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