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Remove mention of our homebrew test report system. It's been down

quite a long time, and I don't forsee having time to bring it back
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@@ -122,6 +122,8 @@ else {
# And finally, ask the user to run a test report.
+# NOTE: This is currently disabled. Don't use it.
# use Config;
# my $make = $Config::Config{make};
@@ -44,27 +44,16 @@ or
Test Results
-POE is tested before each release, and afterwards by at least two
-groups of people. Each group posts its results on the web:
- -- Automated test reports by users like you.
+POE is tested before each release and post-release by a group of
+volunteers known as the CPAN Testers. You can see the public results
+of their work at:
-- CPAN testers' reports.
-POE's ongoing improvement relies on your feedback. The easiest way to
-let us know how we're doing is to "make reportupload" after building
- % make reportupload
-Reportupload will test POE, generate a report file, and upload it. If
-the upload fails, you can send it manually from the form at
-You can also file bug reports, feature requests, and even success
-stories by e-mailing <>.
+POE's ongoing improvement relies on your feedback. You file bug
+reports, feature requests, and even success stories by e-mailing
Test Coverage
@@ -226,16 +226,7 @@ Thanks go out to the CPAN testers, who have dedicated resources to
running new modules on a variety of platforms. The latest POE tests
are visible at <>.
-We maintain our own test results at <>.
-You may participate by running
- perl Makefile.PL
- make uploadreport
-from POE's source directory. A set of tests will be run, and their
-results will be uploaded to our test page.
-We also try to cover all of POE with our test suite, although we only
+We try to cover all of POE with our test suite, although we only
succeed in exercising about 70% of its code at any given time. A
coverage report is online at
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
+die "$0 is currently disabled\n";
=head1 NAME - upload an xml test report

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